CPAY Bounty Program

  • Receive CPAY

    Receive CPAY

    Be entitled to a piece of our monthly revenue and trade or hodl as you please

  • Get noticed

    Get noticed

    Expand your influence on social media and promote a project you can trust and believe in

  • Something bigger

    Something bigger

    Expand a community of dedicated investors, and get paid for it

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Conversation Community Engagement

Generate buzz about CPAY by creating dialogue about Cryptopay token, products, and our service across a plethora of social media platforms.


  • Telegram
  • Reddit
  • Steemit
  • Facebook
  • Twitter


  • In our post-ICO bounty campaign you won’t just be copying, pasting, and sharing, but creating meaningful discourse that will cultivate interest about everything related to Cryptopay’s products and CPAY.


  • We’re not looking for an army of spammers, but rather a group of well-informed and interested bounty hunters. We’ll judge all bounty hunters subjectively on an individual basis.
  • You must provide links to wherever it is you are commenting.
  • The channels that you post in must be alive and have active conversations and users in them.
  • Remember, this is for comments, all longform writing will fall under the content creation component of the bounty program.
  • All posts written about our products must stress how they tie into CPAY because our token gives holders a piece of our revenue, therefore connecting it into all of our current and upcoming products.


  • Start conversation: 250 CPAY.

Additional Monthly Reward

  • If you’re successful in creating an engaging conversation we will reward you additional tokens on a subjective basis. Taking into consideration the popularity of the platform/channel/thread and the tone of conversation relating to CPAY and Cryptopay.
    Starting at 2,500+ CPAY.

Content Creation Content Creation

Do you have a knack for writing, making videos, or are you just a creative person? Well, look no further and put those skills to use right here.


  • Medium
    Medium and other blog platforms
  • Reddit
  • Steemit
  • BitcoinTalk
  • YouTube


  • Create content that will sufficiently cover different aspects of our service and/or our token. You will have a lot of creative control, so don’t feel limited on what you can cover and how you can do so.


  • Originality: Keep your content authentic and unique to you. Use our website and resources as a reference point, but you need to make the content you create your own.
  • Creativity: Your content needs to be interesting & engaging to the reader, try and keep things punchy and get readers drawn into what you’re presenting.
  • Audience: In this regard, we stress quality over quantity. If your audience is smaller, but more relevant to Cryptopay and CPAY this is more valuable than sharing to 10,000 uninterested readers. We can even help you share content across our socials if need be.
  • Posting specifications: Personal accounts, no fake/shill accounts, or accounts used specifically for bounty programs. Please use hashtags #CPAY, #Cryptopay.
  • All posts written about our products must stress how they tie into CPAY because our token gives holders a piece of our revenue, therefore connecting it into all of our current and upcoming products.


  • 250 words: 500 CPAY
  • 500 words: 800 CPAY
  • 750 words: 1,200 CPAY
  • 1000 words: 1,500 CPAY
  • YouTube video: 1,500 CPAY
  • Text Interview: 1,500 CPAY
  • Video Interview: 2,500 CPAY
  • Sharing your content on your social networks (FB, Twitter, etc.): 100 CPAY

Additional Monthly Reward

  • If you start an engaging conversation based off of your content you’ll be rewarded additional tokens. For example, if you post on Reddit and the comment section goes wild talking about what you’ve shared,then this will entitle you to extra tokens. Starting at 1000 CPAY.
  • Additional reward for number of followers:
    500+ followers: 300 CPAY.
Hero Bonus

Bounty Topics Page

Need some quick inspiration? Take a look at our bounty program topics page!

Hero Bonus

Hero Bonus

After all is said and done with the bounty program, we will select our most elite bounty hunters and reward them 5000+ CPAY.



  • Submitting bounty actions: CPAY will be claimed by filling the dedicated Google Form every 2 weeks.
  • Receiving tokens: You must provide an ERC20-compatible wallet address in order to receive tokens.
  • Reward limit per person each month: 15000 CPAY.
  • Click here to submit bounty actions
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