Bounty Topics

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but merely a reference to help you along the way during the bounty program. If you’ve got an idea that isn’t included on this list, please don’t be discouraged, and go ahead and create content based on it. Feel free to bounce ideas around in our bounty program telegram group. Our staff will be happy to give you advice and talk about potential topics to write about.

Current Products

For all content created about our products and services it is imperative that the author connects their article/video to our token. A good starting point would be that CPAY grants holders a piece of our monthly revenue which in turn directly relates to all of our products.

  • Fast conversion between all currencies and accounts.
  • Buy BTC via wire transfer from your bank account.

BTC BTC Prepaid Cards

Our most popular product is BTC debit card which is currently under development. Our cards are no doubt our flagship product and have given customers the ability to spend bitcoins in everyday life.

Our card programme was put on hold when Visa stopped its partnership with our former card issuing bank, Wavecrest. As of now, we’re in the final steps of getting a deal done with multiple card issuers and we expect our cards to be back by the end of 2Q 2018. The return of our cards should result in our token jumping in value.

LOW Low Commissions

Cryptopay clients can easily buy Bitcoin and Litecoin with credit and debit cards with very low commission — 4%. Exchange is also efficient for all users. Our rates are competitive and in many cases lower than most others in the industry.

Upcoming Products

Please look to our roadmap on our ICO website for a list of our upcoming products.

WALLET Expanded Wallet

We are currently planning on implementing XRP (2Q 2018) and ETH (2Q 2018) into our service.

STOCK Bitcoin Stock Brokerage

Our first milestone for the ICO, we’ve begun developing a platform that will streamline the investment of traditional assets with bitcoin. Soon the days of having to exchange your BTC to fiat and then investing will be over.


Revenue Share

CPAY holders are entitled to a piece of our monthly revenue. At the beginning of each month we deposit 10% of said revenue to all token holders, and the more tokens one holds the more money they will get. It goes without saying that all of our products contribute to his revenue, and the better or service performs, the more money one could receive. It is important to note that this is a share of our revenue, not our profit, so even if Cryptopay were to operate at a loss, we’d still distribute revenue accordingly.

A good place to begin with content about this would be to refer to our revenue share blogpost on our medium. Additionally, you can find the numbers for our revenue share on our Post-ICO webpage.

CPAY Token Value

CPAY Token Value

Talk about the undervaluation of the token, and with the addition of new products (i.e. our cards), new exchanges, and the like could contribute to CPAY’s price substantially increasing.

CPAY Trading Volume

CPAY Trading Volume

Track the trading volume of CPAY, and/or the value of our token. For example, you could make an analysis and forecast of the token.

Bounty Program

Bounty Program

Spread the word about the new bounty program and our new marketing strategy, and of course you’re more than welcome to recruit more bounty hunters to our campaign. The more hunters the merrier!

New Exchanges

New Exchanges

As CPAY gets listed on more exchanges you could create content based on this, and promote our token being on new trading platforms.


Interview with a team member

Prepare own questions and conduct an interview that they can push on their own Medium, blog platform, and/or social media channels.

Interview with a cryptoinvestor

Have a Q&A session with an experienced investor, in which they’d endorse CPAY.

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