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before public starts

We are creating a seamless bridge between crypto and conventional assets which will allow you to invest, move, and manage your money, all on one platform. Operational since 2013.

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Forget MVPs, we’re already up & running

Developing an expertise in both cryptocurrencies and regulated financial system, we’re providing tailored regulated services for digital currency community in a secure and compliant way. We’ve already laid the foundation on existing Cryptopay products. Now it's the time for an upgrade.

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payment gateway


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Bitcoin wallet
& exchange


Bitcoin payment gateway is a convenient and compliant way to reach more markets, avoid unnecessary compliance and lower payment processing fees.

Apart from being able to send and receive payments, you can easily convert your digital currency to our three supported fiat currencies—EUR, USD, and GBP, and hedge against market volatility.

87 747 cards issued

Bitcoin debit card


The easiest way to pay with bitcoins. The card works online, offline and internationally allowing customers to use bitcoin anywhere traditional cards are accepted.

Invest and hedge

Stock brokerage

To be pledged€15 000 000

Save and get paid

Bitcoin bank

To be pledged€35 000 000

Reduce your exposure to digital currencies and get access to real financial markets without leaving your Cryptopay account and exposing your bank. Buy stocks and bonds, invest in Indices, get leverage up to 4x.

An account in the institution that loves bitcoins and helps you to reach your financial goals. Get accounts in customers’ names, unique UK IBANs and make and accept third party payments.

Be a part of ecosystem


To be pledged€55 000 000

A full stack blockchain fundraising platform and financial services marketplace in a single Cryptopay account. Handcrafted ICO underwriting and bookrunning, fixed income instruments and who knows what more.

Minimum pledge 50
1 CPAY / 0.001 ETH
Simple maths
× 1.25
+25% stage bonus
CPAY tokens received
We accept
ETH raised
60000 ETH on pre-sale

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25-09-2017 — 30-10-2017

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Jon Matonis Founder of Bitcoin Foundation
Artem Tolkachev Director in Deloitte
George Piskov Director at Unistream Bank
Adriaan Brink Founder of Earthport
Fred Lum Founder of RPNpay
Christian Papathanasiou CEO at GCX LTD
Marc Kenigsberg Founder of BitcoinChaser