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ICO successfully finished on 1 November 2017

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We’re negotiating with other exchanges and plan to add our tokens to more trading platforms by the end of May 2018.

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Currently we’re working on

Card programme

Even before our cards were temporarily shut down in the beginning of January, our team was already hard at work to develop a new and improved card programme for our customers. Check out our progress ›

Bitcoin Stock Brokerage

Currently our CBDO George Basiladze together with legal advisors are working on the compliance and regulatory framework for the brokerage business model. You can expect more information to be released as we make more progress on this new service.

Cryptopay Team


With over 90 employees located throughout three locations in London, Lisbon,

& St. Petersburg, our team works tirelessly to develop the best products to our users

George Basiladze

George Basiladze

Founder & CBDO

George has had experience at different investment firms and also holds an in depth knowledge of financial system. He’s an experienced professional with PE/VC and a corporate financial background, he and co-founder Dmitry Gunyashov founded Cryptopay back in 2013.

Dmitry Gunyashov

Dmitry Gunyashov

Founder & CEO

Dmitry is a long-term bitcoin supporter and has been involved with the blockchain community for more than 5 years. Dmitry has a 7+ years history in building e-commerce businesses and successfully managed the development work of multiple payment systems in the past.

Pavel Makarenko

Pavel Makarenko


With over 10 years of engineering for a range of businesses including 5 years of banking and e-money software development, he’s truly a jack of all trades when it comes to implementing and managing various technical systems. Pavel draws on his huge programming and managerial experience to make sure everything is done right.

Eric Benz

Eric Benz


Eric has delivered innovative SaaS systems for some of the biggest institutions around payments, identity, and banking infrastructure. Ever since hopping on the blockchain wave in 2012, Eric has been involved in a number of blockchain fintech businesses both as an investor, as a board director.

Alexey Sidorov

Alexey Sidorov


Alexey has nearly a decade of financial experience, with master’s degrees in Automated Information Processing and in Business Economics, and 6 years audit and consulting experience at the Big4 company. His skills have proved invaluable from a managerial and financial perspective - with the company nearly doubling in size during the past year, Alexey has been instrumental to the continuing growth of Cryptopay.

Velin Vlasev

Velin Vlasev

Card Programme Director

Velin joined Cryptopay specifically to launch and run our new card program. With experience at some of the biggest card issuing banks in the EU, Velin was an obvious choice for us to bring back our cards.

Elias Vilochkin

Elias Vilochkin

Head of Support

Elias has been in the IT industry for 6 years already. He joined our team in 2016 to help build the customer success team by using the industry’s best practices and his own experience acquired at VKontakte. He is a true professional, skilled at team-building and with a great knowledge of conflict resolution.

Alexey Gunyashov

Alexey Gunyashov

Head of Compliance

Alexey has been with Cryptopay almost since its inception. A dedicated compliance officer, he holds an exhaustive understanding of the field and always makes sure that our service is compliant with industry standards and regulations.

Pavel Mityukhin

Pavel Mityukhin

Head of Marketing

The newest member of our team, Pavel, is equally experienced in technical product marketing as well as brand strategy development. Prior to joining Cryptopay he drove acquisition campaigns for some well known brands such as MediaCom, Unicredit Bank, Subway, and Radisson. We’re happy to have him and we know his skillset will only further improve Cryptopay.

Tom Bloor

Tom Bloor

B2B Account Manager

Tom has a background in managing multiple high value accounts, and a thorough understanding of using events and marketing for brand building. Tom joining our team last November to further our B2B merchant processing services was the exact complement we needed to further this aspect of our service.

Misha Savranski

Misha Savranski

Art Director

Misha has been working for over 10 years in various design positions, including 5 years of experience as an art-director at different advertising agencies. Tapping into his knack for art design and broad work background, he’s been the creative force making the design of our site, clean, user friendly, and easy to navigate.

Artem Bulich

Artem Bulich

Head of Mobile Development

Artem joined us a nearly a year ago, and since he began managing our mobile team we’ve seen our Android app launch to great success. As a result of his work, we can confidently say both our iOS and Android apps are the best in the industry. Not to mention he was the one behind our user favourite, CPay Miner game.

CPay Talks

Alexey Sidorov Chief Financial Officer, Alexey Sidorov “...our financial situation is solid at the moment and we don’t have any solvency or liquidity issues - the company remains profitable even with the absence of one of its main products.” Read full interview › Velin Vlasev Card Programme Director, Velin Vlasev “Both schemes have however recently clarified their position and this should go long way to allowing such card programme to be approved officially...” Read full interview › Elias Vilochkin Head of Support, Elias Vilochkin "A model support agent is capable of understanding a person’s needs, sympathising with the problem or even just laughing together with the client." Read full interview ›


Bitcoin payment gateway

The bitcoin payment gateway was the first product release by Cryptopay. We began providing merchants the ability to accept and send bitcoins without the risk of actually holding bitcoins. Most merchants use our API and SLA guarantee and we continue developing features to meet their specific needs to this day.

Bitcoin wallet & exchange

The Cryptopay wallet is the core product that laid the foundation for all of our services and products. In 2015 we began offering a wallet that has a simple exchange service. For even further convenience we began offering FLEX accounts, or instant exchange options. Whenever user sends to one of these fiat denominated accounts (GBP/USD/EUR). Bitcoins are instantly converted into a fiat currency and don’t require any additional manual exchange.

Prepaid card

The Cryptopay prepaid card was launched in early 2016, and was one of the first digital currency cards on the market. At that time, the card was the first real tool that brought Bitcoin to the mainstream. It allowed any Bitcoin holder to spend their coins, online or otherwise, anywhere that accepts traditional payment cards. This, paired with the digital wallet, allowed users to utilize their Bitcoins in day-to-day life.

This first generation of prepaid cards has been successfully serving our users until early January 2018 when WaveCrest being Cryptopay's card service provider lost their VISA licence.

Mobile application

iOS and Android apps that allow users to utilize our services on the go.

Card programme

In 2017, we started doing business with a new card issuer and developed the second generation of our prepaid cards. Acting as the programme manager we were registered with the card scheme and certified it under PCI-DSS. The second generation of cards were completely redesigned. Not only did we update the physical design, we also improved the functionality of the card, and it was backed by a new technology stack.

After a great start and initial roll out of the new cards to all Cryptopay users in Q4 2017 we were unfortunately forced to shut this programme down due to a disagreement with the BIN provider.

Gift cards

A gift card for your family, friends, or yourself backed by bitcoin! Currently they’re available for UK residents for use at seven retailers. (Amazon, Nike, Debenhams, Tesco, Starbucks, Costa Coffee, and Jet2holiday).

Buy BTC with a credit or debit card

After linking a 3d secure credit or debit card of their choice, users can buy BTC and have them almost instantly credited to their Cryptopay account. With competitive fees and the option for users to buy in either GBP, EUR, or USD this along with our digital wallet/exchange effectively gives users two ways to get bitcoins through our service.

Litecoin wallet & exchange

We now support LTC in our digital wallets. LTC is the second cryptocurrency to be supported by Cryptopay.

Buy LTC with a credit or debit card

Soon after the release of our LTC wallet & exchange we now provide users the option to buy LTC directly with a linked credit or debit card. The mechanics work just as the buy bitcoin feature.

Own card programme under our full control

Card service software for the new card programme integration

Initial contacts with 3 new card issuers

NDA & letters of intent to start business operations

Meetings with heads of finance, compliance, operations, as well as senior business development executives. Unofficial approvals of our business model with card providers in both Europe and SE Asia and start of card service integration

Agreement with card manufacturer & receipt of first plastic cards samples. Contract with DHL, allowing deliveries worldwide

  • Multi-tenancy support for the card program software (making the programme adaptable for use by multiple card providers simultaneously)
  • Official approval by the card issuers and Visa to become an approved Card Programme Manager
  • Card programme final setup and launch with an already contracted and integrated Issuing Processor

XRP wallet & exchange

Final stage of testing

Full implementation of XRP into our wallet

ETH wallet & exchange

Beta testing our newest feature

Full implementation of ETH into our wallet

Standalone B2B service

ERC20 Tokens wallet & exchange

Bitcoin stock brokerage

Bitcoin bank account

P2P platform


Upbeat Financials Pointing to Strong 2018 for CPAY Tokens

As recently as March 2018, the token already has a forward revenue share yield of 24% – by extension, any company with a dividend yield above 10% is considered an excellent buy with more traditional stocks.

Cryptopay Takes Aim at Greater Transparency Measures

In light of this vulnerability to ICOs, Cryptopay has charted a different course, with its project emphasizing transparency above all else. In terms of engaging with the community, they're aiming to be one step ahead of the rest.

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